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  • Henriette

    When we talk about vocation, we are talking about Henriette. The paediatric nurse loves and lives her profession with every fibre of her being and this dedication is felt by every one of her patients. She also puts her positive energy, warmth and creativity into our association and, for example, creates cosy companions and cushions for our patients together with Nora. How nice that you are here Henriette!

    Intensiv Zeit e.V.
  • Katja

    Katja not only cares for the patients in the paediatric intensive care unit with the utmost care and dedication, she is also never short of ideas and visions to make things better and processes more efficient. The paediatric nurse always keeps an overview and a cool head, even under the greatest stress. No matter what time of day, Katja can be relied on one hundred per cent. We are lucky to have you!

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  • Christian

    At first glance, Christian is a great paediatric surgeon. But we know there's so much more to it than that: with your perseverance, calmness, great sense of justice and perseverance, you enrich our organisation and make us so much stronger. P.S. You also provide the necessary Grey's Anatomy feeling in the club

    Intensiv Zeit e.V.
  • Christin

    Consternation leads to change. This takes a lot of courage and we admire our Board member Christin for this. With you, we will probably never run out of motivation!

  • Cynthia

    Paediatric intensive care is as individual as the little patients themselves. A stay with us often turns their entire life upside down. A real crisis! To cope with this, you need... Cynthia. The psychologist supports children and their families during and after their stay in the paediatric intensive care unit. - Often a 24/7 job. We are delighted that she is also actively supporting the association with all her expertise and experience. Thank you, you are a real asset to us all!

    Intensiv Zeit e.V.
  • Florian

    Sometimes we get lost in the association between all the "we could, we should". Flo, our board member and treasurer, can be relied on at this point. He tackles things with gentleness and composure and always gets the most out of things for the children and families! It's good that you keep an overview!

  • Matthias

    Our young patients in the paediatric intensive care unit would probably say that Matthias is a really easy-going guy - we think so too! However, when it comes to the children, he doesn't take anything lightly. As an adult, he hasn't forgotten how to dream and has the necessary courage for big visions. "There's no such thing as can't". Matthias has the staying power it takes to found our association. Young and old can rely on him, he gets the maximum out of it for them!

    Intensiv Zeit e.V.
  • Steffi

    Do you have to be a doctor to be active in our organisation? No! Here is some glowing proof. Steffi is not only a founding member, but has also been a board member of IntensivZeit e.V. from the very beginning. Her empathy for affected children and their families, as well as her great zest for action coupled with the hope of perhaps making the world a little bit better, makes Steffi a real ace up the (association's) sleeve.

    Intensiv Zeit e.V.
  • Sophia

    As an experienced carer, Sophia has supported countless children and families. IntensivZeit e.V., and in particular our Instagram channel, can now benefit from her empathy and her drive for action. Your zest for life is infectious, thank you for being part of it!

    Intensiv Zeit e.V.
  • Frida

    Frida is the woman behind every digital club meeting and always manages to keep us on track. The paediatric nurse looks after our young and old patients with a lot of heart, a clever mind and empathy and always has an ear for the worries and needs of the parents. Her experiences on the ward also flow into our texts here, so that paediatric intensive care medicine becomes visible to everyone. How nice that you are part of our team!

    Intensiv Zeit e.V.
  • Lukas

    Well, we admit it, there are of course one or two doctors among us. Let's start with Lukas, tada! He doesn't make that much of a fuss about himself. With a lot of calm, composure and his heart in the right place, he has been with the organisation since the very beginning and has surprised us with important contacts who will hopefully soon take our idea out into the world.

    Intensiv Zeit e.V.
  • Lydia

    Lydia works with great dedication in intensive paediatric care. She knows the pitfalls of everyday life only too well and knows where there is sometimes a lack of care and attention for the children. She fills these gaps with numerous creative projects organised by IntensivZeit e.V..

  • Nora

    Nora doesn't just daydream, she gets stuck in! While we were all discussing the owls, our first project, Nora sat down and created them. The time and love she invests in our visions makes the paediatric nurse a very valuable creative mind in our association.

    Intensiv Zeit e.V.
  • Ronny

    Ronny is the man who brings our visions and projects to the public. You don't have to work in a hospital to make #pueriatric intensive care more visible in society. He works with energy and inventiveness to ensure that children and their families are seen.

    Intensiv Zeit e.V.
  • Sebastian

    Who still needs heroes? We still have one. A boss who doesn't need a white coat, a doctor who prefers to let actions speak louder than words. Someone who doesn't duck away when things get uncomfortable. Selfless, fair, forward-looking, caring, thoughtful, generous... We could go on like this for a while. The best thing about it? You can't fight back, dear Sebastian. I'm glad you're here.

    Intensiv Zeit e.V.
  • Franzi

    Franzi runs the IntensivZeit e.V. social media channels. However, the paediatric nurse does not hide behind her laptop or smartphone - her focus is always on our seriously ill children and their families. She stands up for all those who can't be there for themselves! Franzi takes things in her stride, she likes to give 110%, questions, changes, adapts - as long as it's necessary. Franzi is not a woman for half measures!

    Intensiv Zeit e.V.