The 'IntensivZeit e.V.' is a non-profit association, which was founded in 2020 by parents of former patients, friends and employees of the pediatric intensive care unit of the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden. The association is committed to give proactive assistance, which goes beyond the standard care for kids and adolescents as well as their families and relatives during and after their hospital stay. 'IntensivZeit e.V.' has a particularly close association with the pediatric intensive care unit, but is independent in its selection of projects as well as its funding by donations and membership contributions.

To have one's own child, grandchild, brother or sister admitted to an intensive care unit is a tremendous burden and would leave anyone with unforeseen fears. In this regard not only the sick kids and adolescents, but also their families face many new challenges. Being exposed to this exceptional situation, their everyday life is disturbed and the entire family is confronted with uncertainties and concerns grossly exceeding the hospital stay. Regardless of which fate the children have encountered, we strive to support and accompany the families during their particularly emotional and administrative challenges.

The team of 'IntensivZeit e.V.' consists of individuals from different perspectives which realize and respect the range and importance of all these challenges.

Providing care and support for families in their potentially most intense stage in life – that is our objective.