Kind mit Eule des IntensivZeit e.V.

Annika the Owl

Hello there, I am the owl ‚Annika‘. I want to be a loyal companion and friend to the children during their stay at the intensive care unit.

My coat is furry and colourful, it can be of one or many colours and can have pictures or patterns on it. My wings are flexible, because I love to hug. My eyes are big so that I can look at everyone in a friendly way.

Just like my owner I can have infusion lines, drains and bandages. But unlike my owner I also have a secret pocket on my belly or back in which you can hide your favorite objects or things that make you feel good. For each procedure you have endured (taking of blood samples, operations, …) you can pick a special patch, which can be ironed on to me.

Annika is manufactured in loving manual work by Nora Engelke, a founding member of 'IntensivZeit e.V.' and pediatric intensive care nurse. If you like to support this project, we would greatly appreciate your donation.